Earthquake experts have warned us that a major earthquake is inevitable in our area. In the event of such an earthquake while the school is in session we shall implement the following procedures:

  • The school will make every effort to protect and provide care for each student.
  • Students will be evacuated from the building and escorted to a safe area. If the site commander deems a portion of the building to be structurally safe at the time, students may be permitted to reenter that area.
  • No Middle School student will be dismissed unless a parent or guardian or other designated adult on our registration form comes to the school for the child.

In the event of a major earthquake our staff will care for the students to the best of their ability, for up to 48 hours. However, we seek your cooperation in the following areas:

  • Please keep us informed of any changes in your emergency information
  • Please do not phone the school; our phone lines must be kept open for emergency situations (to call parents, doctors, ambulances, hospitals, etc.)
  • Have a battery-operated radio turned into a Victoria station (e.g.; Q100 FM or CFAX 1070 AM) in order to secure information and direction regarding school and other matters relating to the earthquake.
  • Please fill in the attached sheets; they are very IMPORTANT.


The Emergency closing of a school is a rare occurrence; nevertheless, circumstances such as a heavy snowfall or an extended power failure can demand that such a decision be made. The Administrator, WSB would like you to be informed that should such a decision be necessary, the procedure outlined below will be followed:

  • Q100 FM or CFAX 1070 AM will be provided with details regarding the closure for immediate broadcast.
  • School buses will operate their regularly scheduled runs at the time of the closure.
  • Students will be permitted to leave school:
    • to go home;
    • to go home of a previously designated friend or neighbor;
    • special arrangements will be made for the handicapped.

If none of the above is possible, your child/children will be kept at school until picked up by you or a designated person.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns please phone Secondary School Front Office at (250) 652-1811 (ext. 288); or Principal's Office at ext. 290.


Home Emergency Preparedness
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