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Thank you for your interest in our daycare program. We are pleased to be able to offer you care for your children. In this section of the website, you will find:

  •  Registration Forms - please fill out each page of the registration forms for each child you wish to enroll in daycare. A registration information checklist has been provided as well.
  • Parent Handbook - Please read and sign the back page.
  • Copies of several policies for your records.
  • Subsidy Application - Please fill in as much information as you can. When you submit your registration we can help you fill in any questions you may not know the answer to.
  • Subsidy Childcare Arrangement – Please fill in the applicant portions, we will help fill in the rest.
Please provide all documentation (photo id, pay stubs etc) for the subsidy application. If you require copies bring the items and we can make copies for you. Please bring your forms back to the daycare so that we may complete your registration, submit your subsidy application if required, and advise you of the approximate start date of your child(ren).

Thank you.

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