ELDERS & APPRENTICE STUDENTS Elder, Irvine Jimmy, Anne Jimmy, Mary Jack, Ivan Morris, Helen Jack, and Lavina Charles have been closely working with the five SȾÁSEN TŦE SENĆOŦEN apprentice students and Elder Advisor Belinda Claxton who coordinates the weekly elders group. The apprentice student’s work on W̱SÁNEĆ origin stories translating English to SENĆOŦEN. Also, we are in the midst of creating our own SENĆOŦEN dictionary. Some of the Elders work one on one with the apprentice students through the master apprentice program. The sessions have included, recording phrases and words, learning new SENĆOŦEN terms, listening to our SENĆOŦEN philosophy and learning about our land, and history. The newest initiative that the elders have been working on this summer is helping transcribe stories for the upcoming language nest.

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