School Rules & Student Code of Conduct

Three Basic Rules that all Students are Responsible for Upholding:

1. BE READY FOR LEARNING - Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

  • Attend school on a daily basis.
  • Arrive on time, with all the books and equipment needed for the whole day.
  • Do not leave the school or classroom without staff permission.
  • When absent from a class, contact the teacher before the next lesson to find out what work was missed and make arrangements to complete the missed work.

2. RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERSTreat others as you would like to be treated.

  • All instructions by staff are to be respected, unless such instructions directly threaten your personal safety or the safety of others.
  • If there is a concern with the directions or instructions given to you by a staff member, arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your concerns.
  • Do not argue or talk back.
  • Do not distract other students with excessive talking, movement in and out of the classroom, or similar behaviours that disturb the learning and teaching environment.
  • There is no tolerance for rudeness, fighting, bullying, threatening, or aggressive behaviours.
  • Plagiarism is an unacceptable practice. Plagiarism can include a variety of forms: cheating on a test, copying another student’s homework or assignments, and copying or borrowing of materials from a book, article, internet or other published source without proper recognition.

3. DO YOUR BESTSuccess is the result of effort, smart choices, and motivation.

  • Doing your best means taking action because you want to succeed.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes means you look honestly at the results and keep practicing until you get it right. Do not give up.
  • If you need help it is expected that you will ask for it and receive it, however, only after trying your best.


  • No headphones or personal electronic devices without teacher permission.
  • One person out of the classroom at a time to use the washroom.
  • 90% attendance is required for participation in field trips and special events.


  • SAEC and the Elementary School are out of bounds for WLSS students.
  • Students who wish to leave school during hour require written parental/guardian. consent. A consent form for this purpose is included in the registration package to be signed and returned to the school. Grade 8s will be allowed to leave the school campus at lunch hour starting second semester as part of their high school transition.
  • Students who return late from lunch will have their off-campus privileges suspended until further notice (typically following a meeting with parents).
  • Students may not visit other schools during school hours without permission from the administration at both schools.
  • The Front Office and Medical Room are out of bounds to students unless permission is given by a staff member to enter.


  • Shoes must be worn when not in the classroom. This is for safety reasons.
  • No bandanas are to be worn.
  • No inappropriate clothing (e.g., T-shirts with symbols or writing that are inappropriate for a school setting, revealing clothing, etc.).


  • No running in the hallways.
  • No ball play/stick handling in or near the school building.
  • No playing loud music.
  • No drugs or alcohol on the school grounds. There is a zero tolerance policy, which means a school suspension and possible expulsion.
  • No public displays of affection.
  • No bike riding or skateboarding anywhere on the school grounds.
  • No bikes allowed in the school. Bikes must remain outside in the designated area and should be locked. Bikes without locks may be stolen.
  • No inappropriate or disrespectful language or gestures.
  • The school bus is part of school. Inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will result in a suspension from riding the bus.


  • No gum chewing.
  • No energy drinks or pop in the school.
  • No food or drinks (except water) allowed in the classrooms.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the Computer Room – not even water.
  • No food or drinks are to be consumed on the school bus.


  • Lockers are assigned to students to store their school books, supplies, and materials as well as outdoor clothing and gym strip. The lockers belong to the school and must be kept clean, organized, and used responsibly. Students are charged a $5.00 deposit that will be returned when the lock and locker are returned in good condition.
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