Operating Information

General Operating Information

The SȽEȽEMW̱ Child Development Centre complies with the Child Care Licensing Regulations of the Community Care Facility Act.

The centre operates Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, with the exceptions of statutory holidays, professional development days and closures designated by the W̱SÁNEĆ School Board .

The Centre is currently licensed for children ages two months to Grade six. Licensing requires that we provide an appropriate level of supervision as follows:

  • Under 36 months: 4 children require one licensed infant/toddler educator. 8 children require one infant/toddler educator and one Early Childhood Educator.
  • Over 36 months: 8 or less children to one licensed early childhood educator or up to 16 children one
    licensed ECCE and one assistant
    Nullam laoreet ultricies leo.
  • After School Care: 10 or less Kindergarten children or Grade one; one Responsible Adult
    15 or less grade two-six; one responsible adult.


Termination of Services

Our staff is committed to providing services to families. There are some circumstances where it may not be possible to do so:

  1. If parents/guardians are unable to successfully conclude a custody agreement.
  2. When centre fees are not paid as agreed.
  3. If the parent/guardian or family member is abusive, threatening or violent toward a child, staff member, or other parents/guardians in the setting.
  4. lf parents/guardians do not comply with the centre schedule for pick up and drop off.
  5. If a child's behaviour is disruptive or physically threatening to other children and/or staff and the efforts of staff can not bring about positive changes.
  6. If the parent/guardian is not attending school or work as stated or if there are long periods of absenteeism.

Centre Schedule

Centre Schedule and Arrivals and Departures

Please see your individual program for the daily schedule as we try to keep routines age appropriate and inclusive to the needs of each group.
We share some common routine times:

Arrival and Departures:

  1. When you arrive at the centre please ensure a staff member knows you are there and assist your child to settle in.
  2. To allow your child and other children to settle into the program and to participate fully drop off is 9:30am. Your child must be inside the centre and settled in by this time.
  3. Phone calls for lateness will no longer be accepted and any known absences for appointments must be reported to the staff prior to the day of absence.
  4. Chronic lateness, for pick up or drop off, is subject to review by the director and may lead to loss of care for your child.


Picking up your child from the centre

  1. All children must be picked up by 4pm daily.
  2. Children picked up after 4pm will be asked to sign a late pick up sheet. if you wish to discuss the circumstances around your lateness please contact the director.
  3. Late fees are charged at $10.00 for every 15 minutes or part there of as per W̱SÁNEĆ School Board policy 570.1 Fees are due within 48 hours, failure of this leads to the child not being able to attend daycare until they are paid.
  4. No child will be released to an adult who is not listed on the registration form as an authorized  person for pick up. A parent must provide us written permission with a signature in order for the staff to release a child. Written notice can be faxed in or sent in with the pick up person.
  5. If a child is not picked up form the centre by 4:30 and there is no success at finding an authorized pick up person we will be obligated to call the office of the Ministry for Children and Family Development.


Snack Times:

We believe in promoting a healthy start for your children. Nutritious meals promote healthy growth and development. The daycare will provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks and milk and water. These are only snacks so please pack your child's lunch to reflect their eating and nutritional needs. For example a sandwich with a piece of fruit or vegetables. We will not be able to cook any meals for your child. We do not permit candy, gum, juice, pop, donuts, or other sugary or fast foods at the centre. Items without nutritional value will be sent home.


Rest-time All children are required to nap/rest on their beds after lunch time

Outside time:

Parents are required to provide clothing appropriate for the weather and clothing that provides freedom of movement for safety. Extra clothing must be labelled, must be weather appropriate, and must be left at the daycare. if your child requires clothing and there is none at the centre you will be phoned to provide clothing immediately.

Children need outside time to use their large motor skills, to play with their peers and to get fresh air. We are not able to keep children in if they do not have appropriate clothing or they are not well. If your child can not participate in outside play please make alternative arrangements.

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