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Are you interested in registering your child(ren) in Private School for the 2017-2018 school year? Stop by the Administration office after August 21st to learn about our funding guidelines and school options.


TEFA Report For 2016

In January 2012, the BC First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC), the Government of Canada, and the Government of British Columbia signed a Tripartite Education Framework Agreement (TEFA). This new agreement provides First Nations with funding for their schools that is based on the BC Ministry of Education's Operating Grants Manual, with specific adaptations. According to TEFA, First Nations in BC must submit to Canada the annual AANDC nominal roll. First Nations also must provide performance indicator data to the FNSA/FNESC. This information will then be submitted to AANDC in aggregate, and it is to be shared with parents at the community level. Please find the attached report for by clicking this link, or the image to the right

We hope that sharing this information with parents and our community will help to
promote informed and thoughtful discussion about how we can all work together to help
support the outcomes we want for our students.

WLSS School Calendar for 2016/2017

Please find important dates regarding Non-Instructional Days, Stat Holidays, Breaks and Exam Schedules.


A Vision for a Caring and Thoughtful School Community

In a caring and thoughtful school community, the primary goal will be the success of each and every student. An essential element in attaining this goal is the establishment of a collaborative, professional learning community. A collaborative culture provides the support and expertise for staff as they encounter the challenges and uncertainties inherent in daily classroom practices. The establishment of collaborative teams ensures that all students have equal access to the knowledge, skills, and resources that promote successful academic and social achievement. In collaborative teams, staff agree upon the most essential learning outcomes for each unit in every course, the general pacing of courses, and develop a series of common performance standards that are used in the assessment of all students. Both students and teachers benefit from a clear understanding of what should be learned and how the learning will be demonstrated and assessed.



Welcome! Thank you for your interest in W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Secondary School (WLSS). The WSÁNEĆ School Board and W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Secondary School staff hopes that you and your family will enjoy being a part of this vibrant educational community. We strongly believe that the future of the Saanich Nation will be determined by a collaborative partnership of students, parents, elders, and leaders working together with educators in the community to ensure our youth develop into confident, caring, capable, and compassionate human beings.

279 registered students and growing! Proudly serving the four W̱SÁNEĆ Communities!


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