Student Rights and Responsibilities

W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Secondary School is dedicated to promoting student learning, social development, and ethical citizenship. In this learning community we have a commitment to support intellectual and personal growth and share the responsibility to respect the rights and well-being of all who study, teach, and work within this community. We have rules in order to help us recognize our responsibilities. When we meet these responsibilities, we can be certain that the rights and well-being of everyone in this learning community are promoted.

What is a right?

To say that one has a right to something is another way of saying that an individual has a valid claim to it. The claim is valid because it is either proper or reasonable or both. Rights contribute to the creation of a standard by which we can judge our actions and guide our relationships with others.

What is a responsibility?

A responsibility is a duty or an obligation that must be fulfilled in order to account for one’s conduct. Individuals capable of making their own decisions, and determining their own actions, must learn to take responsibility for the decisions they make and the consequences of their actions.

What rights and responsibilities do students share?

  1. You have a right to: be treated fairly and with respect. You have a responsibility to: treat others with respect and understanding. It is your responsibility to respect the authority of the school staff who are there to promote and protect the rights and freedoms of all.
  2. You have a right to: get a good education and benefit from the good reputation of the school. You have a responsibility to: be well behaved in class, keep up-to-date with classroom and homework assignments, attend school regularly, be on time for all classes, and act in such a way that the community will have respect for our school.
  3. You have a right to: feel secure and be safe. You have a responsibility to: not to do anything that may cause danger to yourself or others, and to inform staff if you suspect any danger in the school or on the school grounds.
  4. You have a right to: expect your personal property to be safe. You have a responsibility to: take proper care of school property and equipment, ask permission before using things belonging someone else, and keep your belongings safe by using the lockers and locks provided for the security of personal goods.
  5. You have a right to: be protected against threats to your health and well being. You have a responsibility to: look after your health - to eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest and exercise, and not smoke, consume alcohol or drugs, or influence other students to do so.
  6. You have a right to: have a pleasant, clean, and well-maintained school and grounds. You have a responsibility to: care for the school environment - keep it neat and clean, and be prepared to remove litter.
  7. You have a right to: make your own decisions. You have a responsibility to: make sensible decisions and accept the consequences for your decisions.


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