The SENĆOŦEN Master Apprenticeship Program

The Master Apprenticeship Program, which is made possible by the First Peoples Heritage, Language and Culture Council, has provided a means for us to learn SENĆOŦEN language through an immersion setting with fluent speakers of the language. Through different games, such as with playing cards, flash cards and total physical response, we have been able to engage in SENĆOŦEN language conversation. Through trial and error our knowledge of the SENĆOŦEN language has grown. At other times language lists are examined and discussed, making corrections, looking deeper into the word meanings, context, use and structure. The Master Apprenticeship Program has provided an outlet for language carrying elders to use language in-spite of its scarceness, as well as an effective method of language revival through active engagement of emerging learners with elders. PENÁĆ – David Underwood

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