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About the SENĆOŦEN Apprentice Students

The SENĆOŦEN Apprentices were hired to join the team of teachers who had been working for years in SENĆOŦEN language revitalization. There were 3 positions open for SENĆOŦEN Apprentices positions. There were 3 positions open for SENĆOŦEN Apprentices positions. After the teachers reviewed the applicants and resumes the teachers decided to hire all 7 apprentices. The main purpose of the positions was to support the language revitalization efforts. The Language teachers have been working in the language for 20 plus years and the hiring of these apprentices was something that was long overdue. It has been 2.5 years since the hiring of the SENĆOŦEN Apprentices and the important work of language revitalization has been moving forward in a positive way.

The philosophy and mission statement for the SENĆOŦEN department is to continue to build the house of SENĆOŦEN language. There are many exciting initiatives and on-going work in our department. We do our best to inform our communities of what we are doing. One thing is important for us. We follow traditional protocols within our department. Therefore, we do not move forward with any initiatives without first meeting and talking with our newly formed Language Authority which is comprised of the Elders, political bodies of the SENĆOŦEN speaking nations and our language teachers. We are working on a new mission statement that will be done in collaboration with our community members.

Our goal is simple. KEEP OUR SENĆOŦEN language alive. We move forward with initiatives to support communities, families, children and leaders to speak in SENĆOŦEN, to think in SENĆOŦEN, to sing and share our history in SENĆOŦEN. We are here to support our communities to learn our mother tongue. We the apprentices are here to support any initiatives.

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