Welcome! Thank you for your interest in W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Secondary School (WLSS). The WSÁNEĆ School Board and W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Secondary School staff hopes that you and your family will enjoy being a part of this vibrant educational community. We strongly believe that the future of the Saanich Nation will be determined by a collaborative partnership of students, parents, elders, and leaders working together with educators in the community to ensure our youth develop into confident, caring, capable, and compassionate human beings.

WLSS staff recognize that it is not enough for students to leave school simply with the ability to communicate effectively or to understand intimately the principles of mathematical and scientific theory; they should also leave with the sensitivity, the skills, the desire, and the good judgment to put their knowledge to use confronting the issues, problems, and concerns of humankind and the world in which they live.

At WLSS we understand that education must promote not only an understanding of the society in which we live, but also the ability to recognize and feel its injustices. Simply telling students or having them read about the affairs of humankind is not enough; they must experience and feel these things firsthand. Education must be both relevant and interactive.

At WLSS we bring the community into the classroom and the classroom out into the community. We believe that it is only through the process of knowing, feeling, and doing that a person is able to do something in his or her own unique way, and in this manner make a meaningful and purposeful contribution to society as an individual. A true desire to provide the experience of knowing, feeling, and doing; that is, engaging the whole child - the mind, body, and spirit - in the process of education, is the goal of the WLSS middle school and high school curricula.

We further believe that the W̱SÁNEĆ people are the custodians, protectors, and advocates, on land and sea, of a homeland that has been passed on to us by our forefathers who lived in harmony with nature and its animals, and we must raise our children with the skills and wisdom to live with an appreciation of, and respect for, the environment so that they may pass it on intact and whole to their children.

Environmental concerns and questions not apparent even half a century ago have rapidly moved to the forefront of a newly emerging global society. It has become abundantly clear that the kinds of economic, industrial, and technological activities which have been and still continue to be promoted by the industrially developed world are self-centered, irresponsible, and ultimately destructive, and that our systems of organization and the resources required to support these systems are bringing the world towards a social and ecological crisis of massive proportions.

Now that these concerns have been brought to a level of universal consciousness they cannot be ignored. At least to do so - to undervalue their importance - would be at our collective peril. It is time to look hard at what we do as individuals and as organized systems and to question why we continue on in this manner. And schools cannot refrain from participating in this process of inquiry, for it is our education system that underlies, supports, and promotes the activities of humankind. For it is through the process of education that we come to understand and interpret our surroundings and the relationships we develop within these surroundings. It does, therefore, seem important that schools recognize the importance of such relationships and establish within their curricula a process of inquiry for exploring their significance and value to us as individuals and as human beings.

At WLSS a curricular approach has been sought wherein students will be encouraged to explore significant relationships within and across subject areas to enhance their development as inquisitive, thoughtful, and caring young adults. Caring for our environment nurtures us as individuals, and it is our responsibility as educators to promote this awareness and growth in the leaders of tomorrow.

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