Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to work in a life-long partnership with the Saanich People to assure the continuing use of the SENĆOŦEN Language and the maintenance of the cultural identity of our Nation while giving students the knowledge, skills and attitudes as citizens to enable them to successfully meet the social economic and political challenges of life."ȽÁU, WELṈEW̱ Tribal School Mission Statement


Philosophy of Education

We believe:

  • That our SENĆOŦEN culture must be maintained,perpetuated, and protected.
  • That along with the school: The SENĆOŦEN people must be involved in the education of our youth.
  •   That our children must attain the academic skills and spiritual and cultural values which allow them to live successfully in a multi-cultural society, also, that the Non-Indian society be educated about the SENĆOŦEN culture.
  •   That the SENĆOŦEN tribes control will enhance the education of our students.
  •  That along with academic skills we must instill SENĆOŦEN values:
    •   Family
    • Self Respect
    • Initiative
    • Confidence
    • Responsibility
    • Respect for the rights and values of others
    • Positive attitude and willingness to work hard
    • Pride
    • Honesty
  • That students have rights and responsibilities within the education program.
  • That a safe and suitable learning environment be provided.
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